There’s a map of the Inner Sea Region of Golarion in the Maps tab. Unfortunately, the terms of Paizo’s Community Use Policy are unclear as to whether or not I can alter it in any way, so I have not edited it to just show the campaign area. You can find the area in the extreme upper right (northeast corner) of the map. Just south of the large lake in that region is the nation of Brevoy, where the characters come from. The forest that straddles the southern border of Brevoy is part of the Greenbelt, the northern edge of which is where the campaign begins.

Currently, the Google Maps feature seems to be wonky, and doesn’t allow you to see all of the map, but you can click on the “view original image” to see it all.

There is a map of the nation of Brevoy in the Player’s Guide.

There will be more detailed maps of the Stolen Lands region available at the gaming sessions.


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