Erastil is one of the oldest deities, and the Green Faith is one of the only forms of worship that predates him. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Erastil is highly concerned with tradition. He is a strong supporter of family, marriage, small communities, and the things needed to sustain them. This latter being made up largely of farming, hunting and trade.

Unusual amongst the faiths of the world, Erastil is a bit chauvinistic. His teachings declare that the man is the head of the family, and few women choose to serve as his priests, although he readily accepts those who do.

Erastil views adventurers as necessary evils at best, as they tend to be disruptive to the order he values so highly. His priests rarely become adventurers, although many are encouraged to undertake a sort of walkabout, especially early in their careers, and that often leads them to participate in an adventure or two before settling down. Sometimes a priest becomes addicted to that kind of lifestyle, and Erastil does not abandon them because of it.

Erastil is Lawful Good.


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