With one exception, there seemed to be little interest in going through the minutiae of outfitting a character, so I’ve assembled a couple of basic packages of standard gear. These are what I feel someone who planned to be traveling would have on them at a minimum.

If the basic package is too costly, the easiest way to decrease the cost is to drop the tent and hope it doesn’t rain. Those with low-light vision could also probably drop the lantern and oil, but there are times they’ll want artificial lighting.

Backpack 2gp
Bedroll 1sp
Blanket 2sp
Flint and Steel 1gp
Lantern, hooded 7gp
Oil ( 1-pint flask) 1sp
Pouch, belt 1gp
Rations, trail (5 days) 2gp 5sp
Tent, Small 10gp
Waterskin 1gp

Total Cost: 24gp 9sp

This is the standard package for those with a mount

Saddle (Riding) 10gp
Saddlebags 4gp
Bit and bridel 2gp
Feed (5 days) 2sp 5cp

Total Cost: 16gp 2sp 5cp

Total for both: 40gp 11sp 5cp


Magpie Kingmaker Fulminata