Character Creation

Character creation will be done using the point buy method from the Core Rules. Assuming we are able to get four players, then characters will be based on 20 points. All races and classes from the Core Rules are available. Most classes and class options from the Advanced Players Guide are available. I reserve the right to review and reject options from the latter book simply because I haven’t fully read it yet. So far, I haven’t seen anything which I would reject.

Every character is required to take two traits, one of which must be a Kingmaker trait from the Kingmaker Player’s Guide. The other must be taken from any of the appropriate traits in the Advanced Players Guide.

Other races from the Bestiary are available only upon review. No races with racial hit dice will be approved given that we are starting at first level.

See House Rules for more rules on character creation.

Note: As Pathfinder is created under the OGL, there are system resource documents available if you don’t have the Core Rules. There’s a nice one for the iPhone in the App Store for $5, and others are available for free on the web. Be aware that some versions include material published under the OGL, but not available in the Core Rules. I’m currently only allowing material from the published hardcover Pathfinder books and the Kingmaker adventure path.

Character Creation

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