Magpie Kingmaker

#4 Short Help

New friends are made

After a night’s rest the group awakes and prepares to go back into the mites’ lair. Sandor Kovach Steps in a crudely made wooden bear trap as he leaves camp, which causes a half dozen mites to spring from ambush and attack the party. They are quickly overwhelmed and the surviving two flee as Sandor and Valerian Orlovsky send a few parting shots their way.

After removing the trap, the group moves back to the mites’ lair and finishes their exploration. The only things they find within are a 25 foot long giant centipede and a captive kobold that has been abandoned by his mite captors. After dispatching the centipede, the group frees the kobold and learns that his tribe has Svetlana Leveton’s ring.

Despite the continuing debilitation of Kleio Eos from their earlier encounters with centipedes, the group decides to head directly to the home of the Sootscale kobolds.

Once there, they turn over a statue they recovered from the mites to the chief of the Sootscales. He promptly smashes the statue and declares that the tribe’s shaman must die! The players get swept up in this insurrection and join the kobolds in dispatching the purple scaled shaman.

The party weakens the shaman with a couple of good blows, after which he quickly falls under a swarm of kobolds. In the celebration that follows, the chief agrees to sign a non-aggression pact with the group representing Oleg’s trading post and the road that connects it to Rostov. The kobolds agree not to bother anyone at those locations.

With that mission accomplished, the group heads back to Oleg’s.



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