Magpie Kingmaker

#2 Into the Wilds

Bandit Camp and Exploration

Following the information taken from their captives at the trading post, the group travels south and has little problem finding the bandit camp. The bandits are not expecting their arrival, and have not prepared anything special in the way of defenses.

Sandor heads straight down the road that passes by the bandit camp, hoping to challenge the bandit leader to a duel, while the rest of the group prepare to take down one of the sentries. The group fails to take down the sentry, who responds by tossing a thunderstone at them, alerting the camp.

The rest of the bandits see Sandor and attack, but his agility and equipment allow him to easily avoid their clumsy attacks, especially after he takes cover behind a nearby tree.

As the rest of the party finishes the sentry and moves to help, Sandor is able to dispatch most of the rest of the bandits, including their leader, the infamous Kressle, who he kills outright. The remaining bandit surrenders, and those that have not succumbed to their wounds are taken prisoner.

The group is able to easily deal with the remaining two bandit patrols as they return to the camp, eventually returning to Oleg’s with a half dozen prisoners.

At Oleg’s they meet the newly arrived Kesten Garess and his three men who have been hired by the Swordlords of Rostov to provide permanent security for the trading post. They take custody of the bandits and give the group their reward for dealing with the bandit problem.

The group gets a good night’s sleep and then heads out the next day to begin their in-depth exploration of the area. They spend the next eight days exploring the area to the south and east of Oleg’s, first retracing their steps to the Thorn River bandit camp, but taking their time, then exploring completely new territory as they looped back to Oleg’s

On the way they discovered the moon radish patch that Svetlana Leveton had asked them to visit, where they had to kill four kobolds that attacked them. They also discovered a vein of gold that they marked for future exploitation, and had an encounter with a giant trap-door spider. Finally, they met Bokken, the hermit who makes the potions that Oleg Leveton sells. He tells the group of his crazier brother that lives deeper in the wilds, and warns them that he’s dangerous.

The group spends the night at Bokken’s and then returns to Oleg’s the next day.



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