Magpie Kingmaker

#1 And So It Begins...

Oleg's Trading Post

Prior to the beginning of the adventure, our heroes gathered in the city of Rostov, each having responded to a call for explorers. Their patron brought them together and informed them of the situation, their rights and their responsibilities. After a week of training and evaluation they were issued with charters and sent off to begin their exploration.

The adventure begins a couple of days later as they find themselves standing in front of the last outpost of civilization before entering the Stolen Lands: Oleg’s Trading Post.

An old border fort recently refurbished to act as a trading post, they receive a warm welcome from the mistress of the post, Svetlana Leveton, and a somewhat more gruff reception from her husband Oleg.

Svetlana immediately informs them of a bandit problem that they are having, and that the bandits are expected to arrive the next morning to collect their monthly “taxes.” The group quickly agrees that this is something they should take care of since part of their charter calls for the suppression of banditry.

The next morning they ambush the bandits, quickly slaying the leader and capturing his three followers. In interrogating their new prisoners they are able to learn the location of the bandit camp. One of the prisoners is uncooperative and ends up hung from the post’s entrance gate according to the terms of the charter that “unrepentant” bandits should be put to death. The remaining two are left in the custody of the Levetons as the group heads out to deal with the bandit camp before it becomes alert to the new danger threatening it.


Very concise. Thanks for keeping it updated.

#1 And So It Begins...

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