Magpie Kingmaker

#5 Explorations

Filling in the empty space on the map

The group spends the better part of a week resting up at Olegs,then heads out for their longest trek yet as they attempt to fill in all of the blank spots on the northern part of the map they’ve been tasked to explore.

In doing so they run into a number of interesting creatures and sites.

First, they finally meet their fey tormentors face to face after Timarion Medvyed intercedes on behalf of Sandor Kovach to convince them to stop tormenting him. The faerie dragon Perlivash and the grig Tyg-Titter-Tut thank them for being good sports and for dealing with the bandits earlier. They also offer to help in the future if they can.

Later they discover a destroyed bridge and the undead remnant of its former owner: Davik Nettles. He asks that they deposit the corpse of the Stag Lord in the river after they kill him.

Elsewhere in the forest they run into a boggard hermit named Garuum who tells them of the forest around him in exchange for being left alone.

Other sites of interest that they discover include a bear trap filled glade, an ancient cairn that they leave undisturbed, the source of the Skunk River guarded by giant frogs, and a statue of Erastil. They also encounter a number of dangerous creatures, including an owlbear.

Finally, they return to Oleg’s. Having learned of the location of some Tatzlwyrms from the fey and Garuum, they begin preparations for their next expedition.



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